Mini Cooper LEDs

Noticeable Difference to your Mini Cooper R56 - What you need to know.

The Mini Cooper R56 is a unique car on its own. It has a distinctive shape that people can immediately recognize even from afar.

But did you know that you can upgrade a small detail on it that will totally elevate and give your car a new mini cooper look.

Yes, we're talking about an LED fog light upgrade! Newer vehicles tend to have an outdated look just because it retains their original Halogen lights.

In this article, we will discuss with you some important details you should know before making an upgrade.

Mini Cooper R56 LED Fog lights - What are they?

As you can see on your vehicle, the Mini Cooper R56 has two halogen fog lights located on the front nose.

These LED light packs are very unique, they illuminate a brighter light compared with its original Halogens lighting. They come in 5W and can give you a brighter driving experience at night. But you have to keep in mind that you shouldn't be installing an LED fog light that is to bright to avoid causing eye discomfort to other drivers that might cause some road problems.

How do Mini Cooper R56 LED Fog Lights Work?

Fog lights are placed on the lower part of the vehicle's bumper, it is used to make the vehicle visible or make the driver see the road as its name suggests, or on a foggy day.

Fog lights are focused on the roads making everything in the driver's way visible. Fog lights are powered thru the same power source as the headlights. Though they have different wiring and switch. The headlights can be used without using the fog lights as it has a different switch.

It is best to turn on your fog lights on a low-visibility day to keep you and other drivers on the road safe.

What makes Mini Cooper R56 LED Fog Lights are a Good Choice?

LED lights in general are a better choice. As there will be no problems with the light losing its brightness. It also provides cleaner and more efficient lighting compared to Halogen bulbs which last for a longer period of time.

It is said that LEDs consume 40% less power than their counterparts (Halogen Bulbs) Making it the better choice and more reason for you to upgrade your current halogen fog lights. Not to mention that it is one of the most affordable accessories that you can use for car upgrades.

How to Install Mini Cooper R56 LED Fog lights?

To install new fog lights on your Mini Cooper R56 we have provided these complete and easy to follow guide for you.

  1. Remove the OEM bumper

Start by opening the hood to have access to four plastic clips. With the use of a compatible tool, detach the front grille off carefully. You need slight pressure to detach each of them.

  1. Remove the bolts on the OEM front bumper

With the use of a power tool and appropriate attachment, you can remove the two bolts attached to the OEM front bumper.

  1. Head over to the wheel to detach the front bumper mounting points

On one side of your car, start working on the wheel well. Start by removing these two clips. The access hole cover that you will see makes it possible for you to replace the light bulbs in case it runs out. The bottom clip is a standard plastic one, while the top clip requires a Phillips head screwdriver. Screw it off, and you can peel the fender liner off. This gives you access to a couple more clips to remove and the side indicator light.

The two clips you need to remove are on top of each other, so it is easy for you to identify which one t remove. After removing it, you will notice that it is now a little looser on the bottom.

4. Unclip the bumper light connector and the air temp sensor above it

Start unclipping the bumper light connectors, and the air temp sensor above it. Do note that the air temp sensor can just be found on one side of the car. As you do so, you can now reach further in to unclip the two connectors of the fog light. Simply squeeze in on the sides to detach them.

All the connections are done. Continue on removing the front bumper.

5. Remove the top bolt under the OEM fender flare

Remove the top bolt by using a tool with an attachment that matches it.

6. Repeat the following steps on the other side.

You will find your bumper looser on the other side. You will see that it is attached by the last three clips through the bumper. Remove it with a picking tool, and proceed with removing the front bumper completely.

7. Now that the OEM bumper is off, you can now proceed to install the new fog light.

Now that the OEM bumper is off, you can now proceed to install the new fog light. There are three small clips to detach on each OEM fog light. Now that it is loose, you can easily pull them out.

8. Grab your new fog light

As you install the fog light, be sure to align it properly before securing it. If you have a power tool, you can use it to make sure that all screws are securely attached. Repeat these steps on the other side. The front bumper is now ready to be reattached to the car.

9. Reattach the bumper to your car

Reattach direct connectors to the fog lights, and the turn signal connectors. After doing so, align the two mounting points on each side. Carefully place the front bumper back into position.

10. Now, you just need to secure the mounting points

Screw-in two bolts on top of the bumper. Now the bumper is completely secured.

11. Next, re-screw the bolt under the fender flare

The fender flare has a couple of clipping points that you can reattach with a little bit of pressure as it locks back into place. Re-secure the two inner clips and plug back the bumper light connector.

Now that the wheel well has now been sorted, attach the fender liner and lock it in with the two clips. Repeat the same process on the other side, and be sure to plug in the air temp sensor as well. Re-secure the inner bolt, and make sure that everything is aligned perfectly.

Lock in the bumper by reattaching the two mounting points. Plug all of the connectors in and attach the fender liner.

12. Re-clip the three clips on the bottom of the bumper

13. Tighten the top two bolts with a power tool

14. Re-attach the grille

Align the four bottom inner clips. Snap-in the grille and apply pressure to the four points to secure it in. Put the hood down after you finish this last step.

Now, you are done! Enjoy your new set of fog lights! It will last your car for the coming years as LED lights have a longer-lasting life.

Mini Cooper R56 LED fog lights are a great way to improve your visibility while driving in foggy conditions. They are available from a variety of retailers and are a gret way to enhance your driving experience.

If you still find it hard to install it by yourself, do not hesitate to reach us out in our contact details.