Campervan LED lighting ideas

Brighten up your Camper vehicle with these 5 Best Campervan LED Lighting Ideas for campervan conversions!

Summer is fast approaching and with fewer travel restrictions around the UK you must have considered in finding the best way for you to make the most out of lost summer adventures. You've gotten a campervan that you think the whole family will love. But they didn't look much thrilled when they saw your new purchase in the driveway. They said that it looks boring! Too bad for dad who was excited for this trip. But there's a way for you to make your campervan less boring and give them their best summer yet in a RV trip across the UK.

You started researching the best ways to upgrade your campervan and you might have seen some topics that involved the overall interior upgrade of the vehicle. But little did you know that you can also do another upgrade that is affordable yet can make a huge improvement?

Campervan lighting is often overlooked when doing a van conversion, but installing light strips and ample interior lighting levels up the ambiance of the vehicle's small space. That is why installing and upgrading your van's lights are an essential part of camper van conversions!

There are also various kinds of campervan lighting that you can use all thanks to the power of technology USB, LED and 12V technology lighting varieties are spreading in the market over the recent years. You can even DIY some of these and install them yourself! Continue reading this blog as we list down the best options for your vehicle so you can hit the road in style this summer! Achieve your dream lighting without burning a hole in your pocket with these low cost options!

Strip Lights

Probably the easiest lighting upgrade you can give your vehicle, strip lights give your campervan a more elegant and an at-home ambiance that your family will definitely enjoy. You may have been familiar in this, you might even have this installed in your home! Attach it around your vehicle's interior such as the ceiling, the cupboards, the floors, and wherever you think it would look good! Browse by Pinterest and get inspired with several photos available!

LED Strip lights are affordable light accessories that you can install in your vehicle. It is available in RGB setting which means you can customize its light color aside from the basic cool light, or warm golden tones. Fun right? Not to mention that these lights uses very low energy as they usually come in 12v or lower.

The energy supply for this light is easy to install as well. You may opt to hardwire it and connect it to your whole van's lighting system, connect it to a leisure battery or you can use your cigarette lighter power source as some come in USB connectors, one con of this is that there would be dangling wires everywhere. There are even some LED Strip lights available that are solely powered by AA batteries! LED Strip Lights are widely available anywhere even on Amazon. So it is just right to say that they are so convenient to buy and convenient to install.

Recessed Lights

This next option is another inexpensive lighting upgrade that you can do to your vehicle. It adds up a good definition and a more luxurious look, and illuminates your vehicle most especially in the living space. It also boasts a low power consumption at 12v and there are options available that even have lower energy consumption.

This lighting also works well as an easy to install mood lighting! Compared to the LED strip lights, this option is a little more complicated to install. You need to plan this out and think about how you can conceal the wirings that you will use to incorporate them into your vehicle's electrical system.

If you seek a more convenient way, thanks to modern technology, there are now battery powered wireless recessed lights available on Amazon. You don't need to have it incorporated into your vehicle's electrical system, instead, all you need to do is to attach the adhesive to the ceiling of your RV, use the remote control provided to operate it and you're done! One con of this though is that you need to make sure that the batteries are always working well and have backup batteries on hand in case they malfunction.


If you are seeking a more permanent upgrade, then remodelling your vehicle with skylights is the best option for you! With natural light entering your campervan, days will definitely be much brighter. No need for ceiling lights as you light up your vehicle without consuming energy during the daytime.

Since skylights give you a natural light source during a sunny day, you are consuming lesser energy which helps you save from battery costs as you only utilise them at night. Another good thing about this is that it offers a beautiful view of the stars at night and the blue skies during the day. Keep in mind that you need to install appropriate shade with it in case the sunlight gets too harsh and you're seeking a dimmer interior.

If you are looking for high-quality customized skylights for your RV, consider Van Glass. They have all the necessary equipment and only use the best, and most durable materials so you can be assured that the skylights you install won't fall on you or get damaged easily when it encounters minor bumps like falling branches on you camping trip.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights may not be a good light source as it is not as bright as the other lighting options, but they surely add aesthetic value to your vehicle. Achieve a boho look and a more festive camping van life with a string of fairy lights installed in the interiors of your campervan. Your kids will like its Instagram ready aesthetics and will be consumed in capturing the best photos.

These lights are widely available too. It boasts energy-efficient LED light bulbs that can be easily integrated into your van's power supply. However, fairy lights do not come with battery-powered options. But you may opt to connect it to an external power source like leisure batteries.

Puck Lighting

Puck lighting is perfect to be installed under the cupboards whether at home or in your vehicle. Make meal preparation time easy as your campervan's counters are well-lit all thanks to the puck lighting that you use.

Puck lighting is widely available and can be purchased on Amazon too. Just like the other lighting options, you may opt for a wiring connection that is integrated into your vehicle's electrical system. Or you may choose to install battery-powered puck lights with an adhesive. They are also wireless and can be managed with remote control.

There are several lighting options that you can choose from. All thanks to advancements in technology several alternatives are now available for you. You can settle for a DIY solution such as the easy to install battery-powered lighting or install a light that is connected to your RV's power source.