LED Advantages & Benefits

There are a number of advantages of Philips LED Bulbs compared to cheaper alternatives.  Energy Efficient - The biggest advantage is that Philips LED bulbs use 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs.  Long Lifetime - They can last more than 40 years, dependent on use; that’s an average of 50,000 hours.  Long Term Savings - Although the cost of Philips LED bulbs are more than your average incandescent bulbs, the long term cost savings you can make compared to using regular high voltage bulbs makes it worthy investment.  

Durable - The great thing is, Philips LED lamps have no glass tubes to break as their internal parts are rigidly supported.  LED Bulbs are resistant to vibration and impact, great for retail and high movement areas.  Instant Light - unlike other bulbs you don't have to put up with a few moments of dim light when you flick the light switch.  Non Hazardous - Philips LED lights don't contain mercury and are kind to our planet.  

Compact and Standard Size - Philips LED spot lights are direct replacements for halogen bulbs in terms of size and are retrofittable.  Colour Variety - When it comes to display or accent lighting, the availability of coloured lighting provides very versatile lighting.  Taking care of the environment - it is our world and any way we can reduce our carbon footprint must a good thing. Philips LED lighting offers an easy, cost effective way to make a start in improving the efficiency of our homes and businesses.