Introduction to LED Lighting

Nowadays there are a vast array of light bulbs to select from and with so many choices combined with the constant reminder to become more energy efficient, it’s difficult to know where to go and what to pick. EcoSave LED Lights have put together a range of next generation Philips LED bulbs to help customers make an educated decision. We stock a large range of Philips LED lighting products including LED Spotlights, LED Candles and LED Bulbs.

Traditional Light bulbs have lit up our homes since the 1800s but are now officially on their way out. The inefficient incandescent bulb, which loses most of its energy as heat is being replaced with the more efficient LED bulbs.  LEDs light up digital clocks, flashlights and traffic signals, and they even tell you when you've got a new voicemail message on your mobile phone but when it comes to household lighting, LEDs have never really taken off until recently.

LED is an Abbreviation for Light-emitting diode. LEDs are not really light bulbs at all, they are an electrical circuit (semiconductor). They do not contain filaments and therefore are not prone to the usual light bulb problems associated with incandescent bulbs.

Although they are more expensive than your regular florescent or incandescent bulbs they offer a longer lifespan. An LED bulb offers on average 50,000 hours compared to 1000/2000 hours for incandescent bulbs and 8000 for compact florescent bulbs. They are also more energy efficient, in fact they use 90% less energy.  According to the Energy Saving Trust, a UK charity, if everybody in the UK changed their lights to LED where possible, we would be able to save enough energy to light 5 million homes!

High performance LED light bulbs are an easy way to save energy. The constant evolution of new technology means they will soon become even more versatile and further meet the needs of all light fittings within homes. In fact Philips has developed an LED lamp that it describes as "the world's most energy-efficient" (April 2013).

In addition to amazing life spans, high powered Philips LED light bulbs have opened the door to extremely low energy consumption without compromising on top quality light output showing that LED lighting will become a fit-and-forget solution, with huge reductions in energy and maintenance costs.

There are various high performance LED light bulbs of which the best performing is the GU10 LED bulb which contain 3 X 1W LEDS generating a high level of lighting. Generally high performance LEDS bulbs come as either single or clusters of LEDS.