GU10s Explained

GU10 LED spots are the most popular LED lighting products in UK households and are a fantastic alternative to old halogen spotlights. They offer a number of advantages, such as they are cheaper to run and more energy efficient. 50 Watt LED spot lights are the most common wattage used throughout the UK but other wattages such as 20W, 35W and 60W are also very popular.

A number of factors need to be considered when it comes to purchasing energy saving LED GU10 spots:

• Life of the spot light
• Energy saving achieved
• Size of the spot
• Dimmable or not dimmable
• Colour temperature of the light output

They are by far the best energy saving bulb category, using less than 90% energy than incandescent bulbs. A 5W spot can provide up to 50W of light output.

Philips LED spots come in various colour temperatures from warm white to cool white and are also available in dimmable versions. Although the initial outlay switching over to GU10 LED spot lights may be more costly than traditional lights, you will soon see the benefit on your electricity bills once you have converted to LED’s. As well as helping the environment, GU10 LED lights can save you a fortune and work out much cheaper over the 50,000 hour lifetime.